The beauty of a thick, green sports field is very important for several reasons. It is simply less pleasant to play sports on a pitch with bare patches and unevenness. It looks less attractive which reduces the enjoyment of the game, but there is also an increased risk of injuries. A dense turf first and foremost makes the surface feel solid and even. This results in better bounce properties of balls and makes running and movement smoother for athletes without the hindrance of uneven surfaces.

A well-maintained turf also helps prevent water puddles after rain. When the pitch is evenly covered with grass, water can sink into the soil more easily. This prevents muddy patches and keeps the pitch dry enough to remain playable even after rain.

A dense turf is also more durable and robust. Sports fields are used intensively, with running players and even heavy machinery. When the grass is densely packed, it can withstand this load better, and retains its attractive appearance for longer without unsightly bare patches.

A dense turf also helps keep weeds and diseases at bay. When the grass grows well and is compact, unwanted plants and pathogens have less room to spread.

Finally, a beautiful sports field not only adds to the aesthetics but also gives a professional impression. This contributes to the enjoyment and enthusiasm of both players and spectators.