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Sustainably beautiful turf, it’s a goal we all share. For a permanently beautiful turf throughout all seasons, several elements are crucial. The right overseeder is an indispensable link in this respect.

Grass seed quality, moisture levels, fertilisation and even erratic weather also play their part. At that point, it is very important to choose the right overseeder to suit the specific situation.

The Vredo overseeding machines are big on simplicity and therefore applicable in various fields. With working widths from 0.15 metres to 2.5 metres, there is always a suitable model for every turf, tractor and budget.

The best football clubs, the most beautiful golf courses, campsites, race tracks, city parks, cemeteries or private gardens, all visibly improve after a treatment with the Vredo overseeder.

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What the right overseeder should offer anyway is minimising disturbance and ensuring an even distribution of seeds at the right depth. These are the basic requirements for effective overseeding.

At Vredo, we understand this like no other. Ever since 1976, we have successfully taken on the role of overseeding specialist with our famous double disc system, both in the Agrarian market and in the Fine-Turf sector. Our sharp cutting discs create a perfect opening in the turf and place the seed in the soil at the right depth. The stepless variator ensures precise dosing. Thus, we ensure optimum germination of sustainable grass seed.

Very high-quality materials are used in the construction of our machines, making our overseeder very solid and an investment for life. Also thanks to the perfectly closed seed guidance from seed hopper to soil, a working speed of 16 km/h is achievable. In short, a Vredo overseeder is a real team player on the turf.