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Vredo contributes to making agriculture, livestock farming and turf maintenance more sustainable. We maximise the results with the help of slurry and sowing solutions. Our self-propelled vehicles, slurry injectors and overseeders for both the agricultural sector and green sector maintenance are acknowledged for their excellent performance, sustainable quality and effectiveness. Not only operationally, but also in terms of results.

Thanks to optimal technology, slurry is injected into the soil with the greatest possible precision, meadows, sports fields, golf courses and parks are sown and overseeded and provided with the right amount of grass, clover and herb mixtures with optimal effectiveness. Sustainable, cost-effective and with maximum yields.

Each day, this inspires us to cooperate with farmers, contractors, greenkeepers and landscapers, to support each other and work together towards a better future for all.

Turf Care

Vredo dealer network

Vredo machines can be found worldwide and are easily recognised by our yellow and red colour combinations. Much of our sales activity is represented by our dealers. If you want to know where you stand, or have a (technical) problem with the machine you are already using, contact one of our dealers. They will be happy to help you.

+800 machines

Manufactured annually

In more than 20 countries

Dealers worldwide

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From design to assembly

High-level quality

Over 45 years of knowledge & experience

Used machinery

Vredo offers a complete range of used machinery. From self-propelled vehicles to towed tanks and more. View our complete range of products or select a product type.

Vredo, since 1947

Vredo designs, produces and sells high-quality products for the agricultural and green (fine turf) sectors. The origins of Vredo date back to 1947, when B. de Vree, a farmer’s son, started a contracting company in Dodewaard.

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